This is the section of the Napa Junior Girls Softball Website that is dedicated to sharing and presenting information for and about the Coaches of NJGSL.  Throughout the season information targeted to Coaches will be presented here.  Please make sure to come back often to check on important information for Coaches. 

"I can think of no more powerful legacy than helping young people realize their potential as people as well as athletes.  Sports can be one of the greatest teachers of life lessons and character, particularly when coaches do things the right way. I hope you will be the kind of coach your players will remember with gratefulness for the rest of their lives." - Jim Thompson (Positive Coaching Alliance)

HEAD & ASSISTANT COACHES must apply as a Volunteer online. ALL Coaches must be ACE Certified.  

ACE Certification Policy 
All adults on the field and in the dugout during games must be ACE (Achieve, Certify, Educate) certified annually.  Complete the ACE Certification online at   The league will reimburse Coaches for the ACE Certification.  Mail receipt with your name and return address to: Napa Junior Girls Softball PO Box 2643 Napa, CA 94558

All coaches must have their current certification card with them at all times.  WE PREFER THAT ALL COACHES WEAR THEIR CARD ON A LANYARD AND KEEP IT VISIBLE. 

Coaches Check List:


  1. Communicate with your Team re. 1st Practice
  2. Make sure you can articulate your coaching philosophy 1-3 sentences to your parents. 
  3. Complete ACE (Achieve, Certify, Educate) Certification online @  All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be ACE certified.  
  4. To be reimbursed, mail in a receipt with your name and return address to:  
    Napa Junior Girls Softball League 
    P.O. Box 2643 Napa, CA 94558 
  5. Review Chapter 1, 2 & 3 from “The Power of Double - Goal Coaching” from Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) & review key points:
  6. PCA & ASA share the same philosophies….
    • Provide experiences that lead to success
    • Allow for mistakes
    • Make practices enjoyable
    • Teacher your players from where they are now
    • Focus on what you can control and block out the rest
    • Use ELM Tree of Mastery (what you can control) 
    E for Effort
    L for Learning and Improvement 
    M for bouncing back from mistakes
  7. The ROOTS of Honoring the Game describe the behavior we want to teach and model….
    R = Rules (We want to win the way the game is supposed to be played)
    O = Opponents (“Fierce and Friendly” says it all.  We try to win by at the end of the game, we shake hands respectfully).
    O = Officials (Respect Officials even when they are wrong)
    T = Teammates (Never do anything on or off the field to embarrass your teammates.
    S = Self (Respect yourself)
  8. Review notes from Coaching Clinic for proper warm-up, setting up practice plan, and teaching fundamentals. 
  9. Set practice plan (see practice plan template)
  10. Prepare talking points for 1st parent meeting
  11. All Coaches must have a parent meeting at first practice

Sample Parent Meeting Agenda

    Welcome & Introductions
    Philosophy of NJGSL (focus on fundamentals & youth development)
    Explain Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) & ASA Goals
    Confirm practice days, times, and locations
    Explain parent role in youth sport and tell parents and athletes that they will sign a Code of Conduct
    Select a Team Parent to attend Board Meeting & Organize Team events
    Select a Scorekeeper
    Time for Questions

Umpire feedback
Coaches should never get in a confrontation with an Umpire in the NJGSL League.  You can't serve as a role model or effective teacher of "Honoring the Game" if you have trouble controlling yourself when things go wrong.  That being said, we do want to give you an opportunity to give feedback (positive or negative). Just click on the link, and you will be directed to an automated feedback form, which will be submitted our umpire coordinator. Please be reasonable!  Thank you!  
Click to go to the Umpire Feedback Form