My daughter has never played softball before. Does NJGSL have a program for her?
Yes, Absolutely! NJGSL is a recreational league open to all girls, regardless of experience. It is designed to be challenging, instructional and fun! 

What type of equipment do I need to provide for my daughter and what does the league provide?
For equipment information, click here.

What does a Team Parent do?
The team parent is the liaison between the manager and the other parents. The team parent helps the manager with distribution of uniforms, calling parents, planning team parties and coordinating the team snack scheduling.

Where are the games and practices?
All NJGSL games are played on the NJGSL Softball Complex. 1255 Freeway Drive, Napa, CA 94558. Practices are held at local elementary schools and NJGSL Softball Complex. [MAP

What are evaluations in 10U & 12U for?  Will my daughter be placed on a team?
Evaluations are designed to build balanced teams. See Article 1.4 (Team Selection) in the Rulebook for more information about the draft & team selection. Each 10U & 12U player that signs up for NJGSL will be placed on a team.

Do coaches have to play all of their players in each game?
YES! All players are listed in the batting order of each game so they get to play on offense throughout the game. The name of the game for youth sports is participation. If a player does not participate they cannot learn how to play the game. This rule is for season and tournament play.

Why does NJGSL limit the number of innings a pitcher can pitch?
There are several reasons: (1) It forces leagues to develop more pitchers for each team will need at least two pitchers. Example: If a league has 4 teams in an age division then the league should be developing 8 pitchers. (2) It is in the health interest of the pitcher to have her pitching innings limited. EXAMPLE: It forces a coach not to over pitch a pitcher. We all know that if left unchecked, coaches would pitch one pitcher every inning of every game they play in a season including tournaments. (3) Limiting the number of innings a pitcher can pitch in a tournament makes the tournament more competitive.

Our game was rained out. What now?
Games will be made up depending on time and fields. Check with your manager.

What is your mailing address?

PO Box 2643 Napa, CA 94558